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Pregnant, Exercise & Eating Habits

on December 16, 2013

I gave birth to my daughter, Luna, on January 16, 2012.  I gained about 32lbs, all belly and used a hair band to latch around the button of my REGULAR jeans the whole time.  I continued to live the same healthy, active, lifestyle as I did pre-pregnancy.  I did not change one single thing while pregnant.  I worked out as hard as I normally do and as frequently as I normally do.  My body was used to the workouts that I was doing before I got pregnant.  I interval trained on the treadmill, running for 1 minute at 6.0, walking at 4 incline and 3.6 speed.  I hit the weights as always, leg pressing 360lbs for 3 sets at 15reps, doing planks and even crunches through my 7th month.   I am a FIRM believer that weights are one of THE BEST ways to transform your body.  

I ate the same as I normally do!  I DID NOT eat for two.  All of you who think that you are eating for two and are using that as an excuse to stuff your face… You are WRONG! It’s YOU, you are nourishing and your baby is deriving nutrients from your body.  This is not to say that you cannot sneak in a cheat here and there.  Simply, eat lots of veggies, dark leafy greens, greens juices, fruit, legumes, some animal protein or you can stick to beans and eggs.  

I ate about 5-6 “meals” a day.  Here’s a sample day…

Breakfast- One slice of Organic Ezekial bread with 1-2 tablespoons of Raw Organic almond butter ( I use MaraNatha found at Wholdfoods or Mrs. Greens), one sliced Organic banana, and a sprinkling of Organic cinnamon.

Mid Morning Snack – 1 Large Organic greens juice with kale, parsley, cucumber, beet, ginger and a Lara Bar (Apple Pie my favorite)

Lunch – HUGE bowl of mixed greens salad with 1 avocado, tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas and a Organic turkey or buffalo burger.

Mid Afternoon Snack – Small Organic kale and cabbage salad with a cup of Organic quinoa salad.

Dinner – 1 ENTIRE bunch of broccoli raab sautéed in Organic olive oil and garlic with quinoa pasta (corn free)

Snack – Organic Vans waffles and chamomile tea


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