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Fighting the Common Cold Au Naturale

on January 12, 2014

When the little one gets sick, although rare, I lean towards her own immune system fighting the aliment off.  A little help is needed sometimes and that’s where I turn to natural remedies without food dyes.  Dyes such as red 3, Red 40, yellow 5, and yellow 6.  These toxic dyes amongst others are found in many of today’s over the counter medicines, processed foods and concentrated sweets. These dyes are known to cause significant increase in hyperactivity in children behavior! Wondering why so many children nowadays are diagnosed with ADHD?!

Luna (2 years of age) contracted a common cold with congestion, cough and low-grade fever.  Keep in mind, the heat from a fever actually helps kill the bacteria and virus our body is fighting – treating a fever can actually slow down recovery.  Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus oil, are great to rub on the chest and add to a steam bath or shower to break up cough and reduce swelling of nasal passages. Peppermint can also help reduce fever – place on bottom of feet and back of neck.  

Special Healing Tea – A pinch of powdered or fresh grated Ginger, a pinch of powdered or fresh grated Tumeric, a pinch of Cinnamon or one Cinnamon stick, a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of Raw Honey (Do not give if child is under 1 year of age, can cause infantile botulism) added to 2 cups of boiling water for 2 minutes will help cease cough, lower fever and reduce mucus membrane swelling relieving congestion.  This Tea can also be used as an everyday immune booster!

Avoiding processed foods, avoiding sugar, and eating healthy will keep you healthy!


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