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Broccoli Rabe – My Favorite

on January 25, 2014

One of my absolute favorite vegetables.  Broccoli Rabe is low in calories and sodium, and has no fat or cholesterol. It has plenty of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K.  Potassium, folic acid, fiber and the flavonoids found in the vegetable may help prevent the risk of stroke.  Broccoli Rabe provides iron and calcium, and contains nutrients, compounds and phytochemicals that may have cancer-fighting benefits.

Super quick and easy to prepare.

Bunch of Broccoli Rabe – wash 

Cut stalks and peel like you would celery (this allows them to become tender)

Cut bunch in half horizontally

Place Broccoli Rabe into boiling water and cover for 4 minutes

Drain and place to the side

Coat a large sauté pan with olive oil, be generous

Chop 3 cloves of garlic

Add garlic to pan and cook until golden brown

Add Broccoli Rabe to pan and mix for 30 seconds

This can be served as is or you can add pasta of your choice.  I normally use a brown rice or a corn free quinoa pasta.


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