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Swiss Chard for Mommy and Baby

on January 25, 2014

Swiss Chard is one of the healthiest vegetables around.  Chard leaves contain at least 13 different polyphenol antioxidants, including Kaempferol, the cardioprotective flavonoid and Syringic Acid.   Syringic Acid has blood sugar regulating properties that allows fewer carbs to be broken down into simple sugars, therefore blood sugar stays more steady.  Chard also has a unique phytonutrient called Betalains that provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nervous system health and detoxification support.   

I’ve given Luna Swiss Chard since she could eat.  Super quick, easy and healthy!  

Cut stalks rinse and chop leaves into small pieces (about 1 inch)

Coat bottom of a pot with olive oil, be generous

Add 1/4 cup of water (this is to help cut the oxalic acid content)

Chop 2 cloves of garlic 

Place chopped Swiss Chard into pot and cover

Put on low flame and stir every 5 minutes until soft and tender.  Usually takes about 10 minutes or so.

Put into plate and serve or store into glass container.

*FOR BABY still on purées – Put cooked Chard into Beaba Cooker or Food Processor and purée.

It’s that easy, delicious and super nutritious!

*NOTE* DO NOT store food for a baby longer than 3 days in the fridge.


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