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My Favorite Snack – Almond Butter and Brown Rice Crackers

on January 29, 2014

When it comes to any packaged foods, I look for organic ones that contain the least amount of legible ingredients.  This way you KNOW what you’re eating.  HOL*GRAIN CRACKERS contain ONLY brown rice, salt and sesame seeds – How’s that for simple.  MARA NATHA ORGANIC RAW ALMOND BUTTER contains ONLY organic raw almonds!  This combination is my favorite healthy snack when I get a need to munch on something.  It packs a combined total of 8g of Protein per serving – that’s 2 tablespoons of almond butter with 7 crackers to dip… Not bad right!? Only 2 grams of sugar too!  Yes, almond butter is a little high in fat – it’s healthy fat you NEED for your body to function properly and it’s from an almond NOT a processed food source.  I don’t count calories and feel if you’re eating properly, you should’t have to.  Both of these foods are found at Whole Foods or Mrs. Greens.


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