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Veggies and Fruits Not Safe? Oxalic Acid and Your Body

on February 13, 2014

So what exactly is an oxalate and oxalic acid?  They are organic acids that are made mostly from plants, animals and humans.  They naturally occur in our bodies, plants, and animals. We can convert certain foods into oxalates and eat more oxalates found on certain foods. Why is this potentially a bad thing?  Oxalates are free radicals, meaning they can cause tissue damage… which leads to inflammation… which leads to disease… They bind to certain toxic metals, with calcium forming razor sharp crystals,  with iron causing oxidative damage.

Who is at risk?  People who form kidney stones.   People/children who are on the Autism spectrum.  People who have digestive issues, leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease. People who have fibromyalgia or vulvodynia.  People who are asthmatic, have severe allergies or histamine related issues.  People who have autoimmune issues.  People who suffer form migraines and dizziness.  This is just to name a few!

Good News! Many high oxalate foods that are greens can be turned into low oxalate foods by simply BLANCHING, STEAMING, BOILING at 200F degrees for 10 minutes!  How’s that for simple.  Blanching greens lowers oxalic acid by OVER 45%.  Soaking legumes and sprouting can reduce the oxalic acid by 25%.

Here’s a list that you can pick and choose from.  If you are experiencing any digestive, allergy related symptoms that no one can seem to find the answer to, you may just want to gradually try moving to a low oxalate food plan.    Completely switching to a low oxalate foods will trigger the body to go into a severe detox that may not be pleasant.  Rotating your foods will help tremendously too!



All Bran ®

Chocolate soy milk

Rhubarb, cooked or raw



Sesame seeds, whole, dried

Buckwheat flour, whole-groat

Mixed nuts without peanuts

Spinach, raw or cooked

Beets, cooked, pickled and raw


Swiss chard, red or green, raw & cooked


HIGH 26 – 99mg per serving

MODERATE 10 – 25mg per serving

LOW 5-10mg per serving *Less than 5mg per serving

NUTS & SEEDS – 1⁄4 cup serving (unless indicated otherwise)


Cashew nuts, raw

Macadamia nuts, raw

Coconut meat, dried 

Hazelnuts or filberts

Peanut Butter, JIF TM (1 T)

Coconut Meat, raw

Mixed nuts, with peanuts

Pistachio nuts, raw

Flax seed

Peanut butter, generic (2T)

Walnuts, English

Pumpkin and squash seeds, dried



Sunflower seeds


VEGETABLES – 1⁄2 cup serving (unless indicated otherwise)



Beans, baked

Artichokes, boiled

Collard green

Beans, kidney, cooked

Asparagus, cooked *

Greens, mustard

Beans, pinto, cooked

Avocado, fresh *


Carrots, cooked

Beans, lima, cooked

Potatos, fried

Carrots, raw

Broccoli, raw or cooked

Sweet potatoes, baked

Celery, raw

Brussel sprouts, cooked *

Sweet potatoes, canned

French fries

Cabbage, raw or cooked *

Tomato, canned, paste

Green beans, fresh, cooked

Cauliflower, raw or cooked *


Potato salad with mayo

Chili Peppers, hot, green, raw



Potato, boiled, w/o skin (1 medium)

Chives, raw *


Potato, mashed w/ milk and fat

Coleslaw, with mayo dress *


Refried beans, cnd, reg or fat-free

Corn, fresh or canned *


Summer squash, cooked

Cucumber *


Tomato sauce, no salt added

Garlic, cooked *


Tomatoes, raw (1 medium)

Green pepper, raw & cooked (1⁄4 cup)


Tomatoes, red, ripe, canned



V-8 Juice

Hominy *


Winter squash

Lettuce, iceberg or romaine *


Mung beans, sprouted, canned *


Mushrooms, cooked, boiled *


Onions, cooked *


Onions, green, raw *


Peas, fresh, boiled or canned *


Peppers, red, raw or cooked *


Pickles, Crunchy *


Pumpkin, canned *


Sauerkraut *


Squash, zucchini *


String beans, canned


Tomato juice


V-8 Splash ® *


Water chestnuts, canned *


LEGUMES – 1⁄2 cup serving (unless indicated otherwise)


Beans, chili, cooked

Beans, adzuki, boiled (1⁄4 cup)

Black-eyed peas, cooked *

Beans, black, boiled (1⁄4 cup)

Beans, baked, canned, plain

Garbanzo beans, cooked (1⁄4 cup)

Beans, white, small, boiled (1⁄4 cup)

Kidney beans, boiled

Lentils, boiled

Great northern beans, boiled (1⁄4 cup)

Pinto beans, raw (1⁄4 cup)

Lentil, dried (1⁄4 cup)

Navy beans, boiled (1⁄4 cup)

Refried beans (Pink beans) (1⁄4 cup)

Lima beans, boiled

Pink beans, raw (1⁄4 cup)


Peas, split, boiled


Refried beans (Pinto beans) (1⁄4 cup)


FRUIT & JUICE – 1⁄2 cup serving (unless indicated otherwise)


Apricots, dried

Blackberries, fresh

Apple juice * 

Figs, canned or stewed

Blueberries, fresh and frozen

Apples, fresh, with skin

Figs, raw or dried (1 medium)

Fruit cocktail

Applesauce *

Kiwi fruit, raw (1 item)

Lemon peel, raw (1 tsp)

Apricots, fresh and canned (1 item)


Mandarin Oranges

Avocados, raw *



Mango, fresh (1 medium)

Banana, fresh (1 medium)


Orange peel, raw (1 tsp)

Cantaloupe *


Oranges, fresh (small-23⁄8” diameter)

Cherries, sweet, fresh and canned *


Prunes, dried

Coconut (fresh) *


Strawberries, frozen


Cranberries, dried, sweetened *


Cranberry Juice Cocktail *


Cranberry sauce, fresh or canned *


Grapefruit juice *


Grapefruit, fresh (1⁄2 medium)


Grapes, red or green, raw *


Grape juice (red and white) *


Lemon and lime juice *


Lemons, raw, without peel *


Litchi (Lychee)


Melons (all types) *


Nectarine, fresh *


Olives, ripe, canned *


Orange juice *


Oranges, fresh (1 medium – 25⁄8″)


Papaya *


Passion fruit *


Peaches, fresh or canned *


Pear, fresh (1 medium)


Pears, canned *


Pineapple Juice *


Pineapple, fresh or canned *


Plums, green or yellow, fresh *


Prune Juice *


Raisins *


Raspberries, fresh


Strawberries, fresh


Tangerines, fresh (2 medium)


Tomato juice (1 can – 6 fl.oz)


Watermelon *


GRAINS, PASTA & BAKED GOODS (note serving size)


Barley, raw (1⁄2 cup)

Bagel, wholegrain wheat (1 medium)

Biscuit, plain (21⁄2″ diameter)

Cornmeal, yellow (1⁄2 cup)

Bulgur, dry (1⁄2 cup)

Bread, mixed-grain (1 slice – 1 oz)


Flour, Wheat, Wholegrain (1⁄2 cup)

Choc Cake w/choc frost. (1⁄8 of 18oz cake)

Bread, white (1 slice – 1 oz) *

Rice Flour, brown (1⁄2 cup)

Choc. Chip Cookies with nuts (1oz)

Bread, whole wheat ( 1 slice – 1 oz)


Spaghetti, whole-wheat, dry (2oz)

Macaroni salad w/ mayo (1⁄2 cup)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (1 item – 1oz)

Tortilla, flour, wheat, plain (12″)

Macaroni, Dry, Elbow (1⁄2 cup)


Cornbread (1 piece)

Wheat bran, crude (2 T)

Muffins, blueberry (1 medium)

Cornstarch (1⁄2 cup)


Noodles, egg, dry (1 cup)

Crackers, cheese, regular (5 items) *


Pie crust, double-baked (1⁄8 of a pie)

Crackers, Ritz (6 medium)


Pita Bread, white (61⁄2″ diameter)

Crackers, Wheat thins (6 medium) *


Rice, brown, cooked (1 cup)

Croissant, plain (1 medium)


Rye flour, medium (1⁄2 cup)

Danish pastry (1 medium)


Spaghetti / Pasta, dry (2 oz)

English muffin, plain, white (2 oz)


French toast, plain (1 slice) *


Graham Crackers *


Granola bar (no nuts or chocolate) (1)


Hominy (1 cup) *


Muffins, banana (1 item)


Oat bran, raw (1⁄4 cup)


Pancakes, plain (1 item-4″ diameter) *


Pie crust, graham cracker *


Pop Tarts ® Kelloggs (1 pastry)


Pound cake (1/12 of 12oz cake) *


Rice Noodles, fresh (1 cup)


Rice, white, cooked (1 cup) *


Rice, white, long-grain, raw (1⁄3 cup)


Rolls, hamburger / hotdog, plain (1) *


Saltines (2 items) *


Scone, plain (1 medium)


Semolina, raw (1⁄4 cup)


Tortilla, corn, plain (8″ diameter) *


Tortilla, Flour, white, 8 inch


Vanilla wafers (4 items) *


Waffle, frozen (1 medium – 4″) *


Waffle, homemade


Wild rice, cooked (1 cup) *


DAIRY & EGGS – 1 cup serving (unless indicated otherwise)


Chocolate or Carob Ice Cream

Chocolate Milk

Butter *

Soy Ice cream – Vanilla

Cream, nondairy, liquid

Buttermilk *

Soy Ice cream – Chocolate (1⁄2 cup)

Rice milk

Cheese, American *

Soy Milk


Cheese, all hard types *


Cheese, mozzarella *


Cheese, ricotta (1⁄2 cup)


Cottage cheese *


Cream *


Cream Cheese *


Custard *


Eggs or Egg Beaters *


Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla *


Half & Half *


Ice Cream, Vanilla *


Milk – all kinds *


Milk Powder *


Sherbet, Orange *


Sherbet, Raspberry *


Sour cream *


Yogurt with allowed fruits *


SPICES & HERBS –1 tsp serving (unless indicated otherwise)


Poppy seed

Black Pepper

Basil, fresh (1 T) *

Turmeric, ground

Caraway seed

Capers, canned (any amount) *



Chili Powder *


Cumin seed

Cilantro (Coriander), raw (9 sprigs) *


Curry powder

Cinnamon, ground



Dill weed, fresh *


Garlic raw or powder (any amount) *


Ginger root, raw *


Horseradish, prepared *


Marjoram, dried *


Mustard *


Nutmeg, ground *


Onion powder (any amount) *


Oregano, dried


Parsley, fresh


Pepper, white *


Peppermint, fresh *


Sage, ground *


Savory, ground (any amount) *


Thyme, dried *


Vanilla extract (any amount) *


Vinegar, distilled (any amount) *


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