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Legs, Legs, Legs And The Kettlebell

on February 26, 2014

I decided to change up my leg workout today to a kettlebell workout.  It’s important to change a workout routine every 4-8weeks.  Your body adapts to the routine, so you will not see the best results.  Your workout routine needs to become progressively more difficult in one way or another to achieve maximum results.  All you have to do is change one variable at a time, such as frequency or resistance or sets or repetition or period of rest or training method.  Do a full body routine instead of working out just one, two or three body parts.  Change the order in exercises performed.  Change your combination of body parts worked out together.  Just keep mixing it up!

Here’s what I did… OH! No resting except for one minute after each full round is complete!


5 minute run on treadmill at 6.0 speed and 1.0 incline


Round One

Kettlebell one-legged deadlift 3×15 @ 12kg (26lbs)

Kettlebell front squat 3×15 @ 16kg (35lbs)

Abdominal V-Ups 3×25


Round Two

Kettlebell two-handed swing 3×15 @ 12kg

Kettlebell squat press 3×12 7kg

Plank 3 @ 90sec


Round Three

Kettlebell split jerk 3×15 each side @ 7kg

Kettlebell high pull 3×12 each side @ 7kg


Round Four – I had to add one last exercise… 

One legged seated press 3×12 @ 130lbs


NOW, my legs can’t move!  Feels good though! 😉


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