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Why Eat Sprouts?

on February 28, 2014

Lately, I have been throwing all different types of sprouts into my salad for two reasons, nutrient power and protein.  Broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, pea shoots, mung bean sprouts, radish sprouts, and so many others.  One of the healthiest foods to eat because when a seed is sprouted it increases in nutritional value in many ways.  Here is why we should eat sprouts…

1- Vitamin content increases dramatically.  Especially, with vitamins A, Bs, C, and E.  The vitamin content of some seeds increases up to twenty times its original value. Sprouting mung beans or bean sprouts increases vitamin B1 by up to 285%, B2 by up to 515%, and niacin by up to 256%. WOW!

2- Essential fatty acids increase during the sprouting process.

3- There is one hundred times more enzymes in sprouts than in uncooked fruits and vegetables.  

4- Minerals are made more useable in the body because during the sprouting process they bind to protein.  Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron. and more.

5- Sprouts are alkalizing to the body.  This is important because many disease form in an acidic environment.

6- The quality of protein improves in nutritional value when sprouted.  Sprouts are very high in protein, containing up to 35% protein! Especially, increasing the amino acid lysine.

Special antioxidants in broccoli sprouts called sulphoraphanes have received exceptional attention for their cancer preventative effects.  These antioxidants also reduce insulin resistance and assist with blood sugar control with type 2 diabetes. 

One hazard of sprouts is that there can be bacterial contamination.  The tangled mat of root structures can harbor microorganisms.  The solution to this is preparing sprouts with antimicrobial foods such as vinegar, garlic, and onions that will kill any bacterial contamination.  So, add some sprouts to your daily menus!


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