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Baby Carrots Rinsed in Chlorine

on March 6, 2014

Those cute and convenient baby carrots seem so great.  Actually, these baby carrots are cut and peeled from longer carrots that are specifically bred for this purpose.  Your normal carrot has high levels of Thymol, a phytochemical that is necessary for the body to control bacteria and fight off viral infections.  The altered baby carrot breed no longer has any trace of this phytochemical.  Most altered vegetables have a lesser nutritional value.  If you’re giving this to your child, they would greater benefit from a regular, organic carrot – does peeling and washing really take that much time??  

Chlorine washing is a common practice used with most pre-cut foods, including the baby carrot.  The chlorine solution is said to be a needed step in the process to limit the risk of bacteria such as E. coli.  Be warned that in addition to the baby carrots, those conveniently packaged lettuce in a bag falls into this “special” bath category.  As do any other prepared produce in a bag.

Moral of the story… please try to buy produce and anything else in its organic state.  Anything that has been altered in any way is simply not the same.


2 responses to “Baby Carrots Rinsed in Chlorine

  1. we’ve known about chlorine washed baby carrots in a while now. reason why we don’t buy them. we usually buy organic veggies and plant our own vegetables organically.


    • When I lived in a house, I would have my own organic garden – it’s amazing to do that if you can 🙂 Yes, some know about the chlorine “wash” and many do not… I see so many people at the grocery store buying packaged baby carrots. As much education and information there is, people still do not know what the better choice is. Keep eating healthy!


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