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Creative Colors For Baby Without Toxic Dyes

on March 10, 2014

One of my favorite finds is Eco Kids USA.  I talked about this company back in my post on Eco-Dough.  Love this company.  Ingredients of their products are from the earth, plants, vegetables, herbs, oils and minerals.   Completely safe for your little one and you don’t have to worry about the toxic colorings normally used in kids products.  Technically, your child can safely eat this stuff… I wouldn’t suggest it though…

Some of the products I have purchased for Luna who loves to be creative, paint and get her fingers dirty are the eco-finger paint containing ingredients of flour, annatto seed, carrots, spinach, earth clay, red grapeseed, purple sweet potato, gardenia, red cabbage and cornstarch.  Eco-crayons, ingredients includes annatto seed, beets, carrots, curcumin, purple sweet potato, red cabbage, spinach. bee palm and soy wax.  Eco-egg coloring kit for Easter coming up next month, ingredients includes natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage.

These products can be found at

Be happy, healthy and safe!


2 responses to “Creative Colors For Baby Without Toxic Dyes

  1. Tinamarie guaglianone says:

    cant wait to do this with my little beast! I put this post on my Facebook!

    Tinamarie walsh


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