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What Should Be In Baby’s Cold Remedy Kit

on March 15, 2014

The three times Luna has been sick with a cold in her two years of life, I have always had much success with the products I am about to mention.

 First, an aspirator is an absolute must.  Try to get ones that look like this because the others sold at CVS or other baby supply stores do not work. 

Second, Nose Frida.  Works amazingly well for those who have a tough time with the aspirator.

Third, Little Remedies Sterile Nose Spray is an amazing product.  Love this company!  Just spray one or two squirts in each of baby’s nostrils and have them blow their nose.  I make a game out of it and I do it in the bathtub – I spray Luna’s face and hands because it tickles her and I laugh with her… Luna thought it was funny and still does.  I am lucky because Luna has blown her nose before she was one!  This is also great if your baby’s nose is super dry.

Fourth, is Peppermint Oil which is something I always have on hand.   I’ve written before on how many healing properties peppermint has.  A few drops in a humidifier or steam bath will help decongest your baby’s airways, rub on bottoms of feet to help reduce fever, rub on baby’s chest to help decongest and loosen mucus… (Also, helps get rid of those pesky ants in the summer!)

Fifth, Ginger is my favorite multipurpose healing spice.  It boosts immune system, reduces fever, rids throat and nose congestion.  I grate a teaspoon into hot boiling water and dilute it.  Infants, 1 ounce tea to 3 ounce plain water.  Over 1 year, 1/2 water and 1/2 ginger tea.  I make a full strength tea for myself with about 2 teaspoons of fresh, grated ginger and I give to Luna with a spoon.  She usually sips around 5 tablespoons.  Sometimes, I add about a teaspoon of fresh grated turmeric root.  In my experience, this tea nips whatever cold is starting to surface and terminates it on the spot.

Soo, no, you will not find Baby Tylenol or Baby Advil in my arsenal.  It is filled with toxic dyes, high fructose corn syrup, sucralose (cancer causing artificial sweetener), and few more delightfully toxic ingredients.  I stick to nature and what grows from it. 

Happy, healthy baby!


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