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Safe Baby Bottles I Used for Luna

on March 20, 2014

I knew I was using glass everything before Luna was born.  Glass bottles, glass storage containers, glass sippy cups, …, etc.  I love Born Free wide neck bottles, the silicone nipples and venting system they use.  Yes, there are many plastic baby products that are PVC free and BPA free, I felt safer with glass.  Glass bottles are naturally free of harmful chemicals, easy to clean and sterilize being dishwasher safe, maintains warmth of formula or milks better, can be boiled and heated, and is environmentally friendly.  The glass bottles are heavier and can break, but they do not break easily – super thick glass and there are silicone sleeves for the bottles.  Born Free bottles are available at, Target, and from many other vendors.  I had originally purchased eight 5ounce glass bottles and later as Luna got older, four 9ounce glass bottles – that amount worked through Luna’s first year and a half. Luna now uses regular glasses or small (9oz) glass bottles by LifeFactory. 

Hope this helps when choosing a safe bottle for your baby 🙂


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