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Spicy Greens Juice

on April 27, 2014

This morning I decided to make a juice because I had an extra second on my hands – Afterall, I can’t sit and do nothing!

Here’s a list of ingredients I threw in the juicer

One bunch of mustard greens 

A handful of dandelion greens

One beet

Two apples

1 lemon

One inch piece of ginger

WARNING, this is NOT for the faint of heart.  It’s got a super bite, yowch!!!  Maybe a little too much mustard greens.. Oops… I recommend using kale or spinach instead of the mustard greens for a very mild juice.  


I have been wanting to share posts, but my little Luna has not allowed me too because of her late sleep schedule.  She has been going to bed around 10pm because her nap should be taken away, but then she is exhausted by late afternoon or falls asleep in the car after 3pm.  So, after she goes to sleep, I can’t see straight and am even falling asleep reading to her!  It’s one of those tricky spots because she’s only a little over 2 years old and I don’t agree with waking up a sleeping child when napping – they’re sleeping for a reason, growth and development.  This too will change, like anything in life… Hopefully, sooner than later!





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