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Luna’s Healthy And Hearty Chicken Soup

on April 29, 2014

Good old chicken soup.  Comforting and healing.  Did you know it is actually true that chicken soup helps you feel better when you have a cold?!  It does!  Chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties which helps ease cold symptoms.  It also helps prevent certain immune cells (neutrophil chemotaxis) from reaching the mucous membranes which cuts the production of mucous.   Annnnd it also tastes so yummy!


Luna’s Chicken Soup

6 Organic chicken drumsticks (You can use thighs, breasts, etc.)

3 Whole organic carrots cut into circles

1 Small organic yellow onion chopped

1/4 Cup organic parsley chopped

2 cups of cooked organic quinoa  

 Pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Pinch of pepper


Place all ingredients, except quinoa, into a large soup pot and cover it with water (Leave around 4 inches from the top).  Bring to a light boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to gentle simmer.

Stir occasionally for about 1 hour or until the chicken is tender enough to pull easily from the bone.

To cook quinoa – in a separate small pot add 1 cup quinoa to 2 cups water, bring to boil then simmer for 20 minutes or until fluffy, set aside.

Remove the chicken from the pot. 

Remove bones and skin, discard, then add chicken meat back into pot.

Add 2 cups of cooked quinoa into pot.  

Ready to serve!!!


**BABIES 6 months and up, add soup into food processor and purée. Healthy and delicious for that baby of yours!


One response to “Luna’s Healthy And Hearty Chicken Soup

  1. Great post and page! Check out my blog for posts on living a good healthy life! Makes me miss my mothers soups


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