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Oh Yeah Leg Day!

on May 19, 2014


Love training legs! Largest muscle in the human body, helping you burn a ton of calories…


My workout today:


Treadmill warm up – 20 minute interval training – 1 minute run at 6.0 speed & 3% incline/ 90sec walk at 3.4 speed & 10% incline



Round One

Leg Press   sets  180lbs 15reps/ 270lbs 12 reps/ 360lbs 10 reps/ 410lbs 8reps/ 360lbs 10 reps/ 270lbs 10 reps/ 180lbs 12 reps/ 45lbs single leg 15 reps each

Butt Blaster  sets  40lbs 15reps/ 50lbs 12reps/ 50lbs 12reps/ 50lbs 10reps/ 40lbs 12 reps/ 40lbs 12 reps/ 40lbs 10 reps


Round Two

Straight Leg Dead Lift  sets  90lbs 12 reps/ 100lbs 12 reps/ 110lbs 10 reps/ 110lbs 8 reps

Lying Leg Curl Machine  sets 60lbs 12 reps/ 65lbs 12 reps/ 70lbs 10 reps/ 60lbs 12 reps

Seated Calf Raise Machine  sets 90lbs 15 reps/ 115lbs 15 reps/ 125lbs 15 reps/ 125lbs 15 reps


Round Three

Leg Extension Machine  (Single leg) sets  75lbs 12r eps each/ 55lbs 12 reps each/ 40lbs 15 reps each/ 75lbs 12 reps

Dumbell Forward Lunge  sets  20lbs 24r eps total/ 25lbs 20 reps total/ 25lbs 20 reps total/ 20lbs 20 reps total


Round Four

Adductor Machine  sets 140lbs 15 reps/ 160lbs 12 reps/ 160lbs 12 reps/ 160 lbs 10 reps

Floor Bridges with 35lbs plate on hips and lower abs  4 sets  20 reps

Cruches with 35lbs plate held above with straight arms   4 sets  20 reps


Cool down – treadmill 5 minutes at 3.3 & 3% incline





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