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Two Week Challenge To Cut Fat and Aim For The Six Pack

on June 1, 2014

I am NOT trying to lose weight.  I am going to reduce my body fat as I maintain my muscle mass.  I will tweak my food intake over the next two weeks in order to get those little squares on my stomach to pop out.  This is a little test to see what I need to change with my meals to change my body to where I want it to be.

I love the APP, My Fitness Pal.  It helps track your food intake: breaks it down to percentages of fats, proteins and carbs; calories too – but I am not big into calorie counting.  It will basically hold you accountable as well as give you an overview of your eating habits and what you may want to change.  I do this APP to see where I need to balance things out in food categories, right now it’s lowering my fat percentage which is ALWAYS high.  I do well with my healthy fats (nuts, oils, avocados, salmon), but to get those abs I need to change it up a bit…  I will miss all the nut butters I eat! 😉

Below are pics from Myfitnesspal APP, so you can see exactly what I ate today.  I need to lower the fat percentage into the high 20s or 30% and increase protein a bit, so that’s my objective.


I hope this helps you, motivates you and keeps you staying healthy!  Remember, you can do anything you choose to do!








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