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Day 5! Shoulders, Stair Monster And Erg!

on June 5, 2014



Challenge day 5! Whoop Whoop! Full steam ahead!  Here’s what I did at my home away from, yes the gym 😉

Warm Up:
Erg 2000 meter 10mim
Stair Monster  (Ass kicker)    level 6 at 5min/ level 7 at 10 min

16kg Kettlebell front swings 4×15
12kg Kettlebell shoulder press 4×12

One arm shoulder side laterals one hand leaning on incline bench 30lbsx12/ 32.5lbsx8/ 32.5lbsx8/ 30lbsx10
Alternating front raises full range above head 10lbs plates X10each arm

Dumbbell rear delt flys 17.5lbsx12/ 17.5lbsx12/ 20lbsx10/ 20lbsx10
Rotator cuff field goals albs 4×12

One arm cable reverse flys, opposite one leg standing 7lbs 4×10

Time was up, had to leave. Hit all I wanted to 🙂


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