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on June 7, 2014

It’s a week into this challenge of attempting to get six-pack abs or close to it.  Today, was a very good day – I actually was able to get my fat percentage under 30%.   I did this by eliminating the olive oil in my salad as well as the avocado and adding a yam.  I’m still playing around with what foods will balance out to a perfect percentage.  Tomorrow, I will add yams to my breakfast (I had no time today) and for a snack in the afternoon.  By doing this, my fat percentage will become lower and I will be able to add back the olive oil and avocado.  It truly is a numbers game with achieving how you want your body to look.  I still have to eat more calories, I’m way under because of how active I am at the gym and life.


Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: 211 calories

4 egg whites, 1 yolk

½ tbsp olive oil

1 brazil nut

Jasmine green tea


Morning Snacks: 370 calories

Source organic whey protein with water

Dymatize Elite XL whey protein with 1 cup almond milk, ½ cup frozen blueberries, ½ cup frozen strawberries,


Lunch: 223 calories

Huge salad (4 cups), 1 Roma tomato, 2 radishes, ¼ cup garbanzo beans, 1 tbsp Bragg apple cider vinegar

Turkey burger 4oz


 Afternoon Snacks: 349 calories

1 Suzie’s Thin brown rice cake with ½ tbsp MaraNatha raw almond butter

1 cup baked yam

¼ serving Blueprint juice – Kale, apple, ginger, romaine, spinach, cucumber, lemon, parsley,

Source organic whey protein with water (had this at 10pm)


Dinner: 302 calories

2 oz Grilled chicken

4 oz Roasted brussels sprouts 

1 bowl Lentil soup 



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