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Sunday With Luna

on June 22, 2014

I love Sundays, not because I get to sleep in because that NEVER happens.  After Luna finishes her morning breakfast and drinks her homemade cashew milk, we go for our 3 mile walk down the Bronx River path.  It’s beautiful, relaxing, I get my exercise and have fun with my girl.  I take her to a little place called Martine’s Bakery in the Scarsdale Village that makes blueberry iced tea – Luna loves it and so do I.  On the return walk back home, we feed ducks and Luna falls asleep – I will stroll outside with her until she wakes.  Lunchtime by then and then we head back out.  We end the day after bath and dinner with bubble blowing on the balcony – tonight Luna decided to wear her pink boots! 

Happy, healthy Sunday!

One response to “Sunday With Luna

  1. 1006sasha says:

    sounds like a PERFECT DAY XO Tinamarie Guaglianone


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