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Afternoon Snacks and Fun

on July 30, 2014

Today’s afternoon arsenal of snacks has a bunch of goodies.  Why so many? We went to Greenwich, CT, which is about 20 minutes away and were at Great Grandma’s pool, then drove back – I have to be prepared for traffic and Luna’s grazing!

– Two Moms in the Raw Blueberry Granola bar … I ate that!

– Shiloh Farms organic pumpkin seeds

– Newman’s Own organic pretzels

– Lara Bar apple pie

– gimMe roasted seaweed, sesame flavor

– Fresh organic blueberries

-Fresh organic strawberries


Luna’s fun filled afternoon with family… First, she poured cold water with a watering can down her Great Aunt Mimi’s bathing suit… Then a little swimming with Grandpa.. The picture of Luna squatting is her squeezing the water out of her padded swim bottoms! …. The little guy is Luna’s cousin Jimmy… Oh, then there’s Luna sticking her toe into the hose to create a fountain! … Family is so important to a growing, developing child!




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