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You Are What You Eat And So Is Your Child

on August 6, 2014


 Above was my dinner tonight, roasted Brussel sprouts, grilled chicken, red and white quinoa with cucumbers and tomatoes…. Wellll, I didn’t exactly get to eat it.  My little Luna saw my plate on the table, took a seat and began to eat everything on the plate.  Only 2 1/2 years old, Luna eats healthier than most adults who know better.  Why?  I have instilled and enforced the lifestyle of a healthy, fit, well nourished person.  Why start from the time our children are born… actually, while they are in the womb!?  Luna likes ALL the foods I ate while I was pregnant with her!

Lifestyle plays a tremendous role.  If a parent chooses to lead a lifestyle of eating fast food,  frozen foods, processed foods, take out foods; this is what the child knows and will continue this unhealthy lifestyle.   He or she does not know any better.  He or she does not know of healthy eating, eating what grows from the earth, eating what properly nourishes our bodies. We, as adults, are their guide, their teacher, their mentor.  If we merely talk about healthy eating and healthy living, and do not enforce it by action, then it is futile. We must talk the talk and walk the walk.

 I will give you a personal example. I gave birth to my daughter, Luna, two years ago.  I made her food from scratch and still do, I made her nut milks and still do, I give her healthy foods grown from the earth, I give her what is in its most natural state, I give her healthy oils and fats, I give her what will nourish her body and developing brain best.   I lead this lifestyle and instill it in her by acting upon it and leading by example.  I do as I say and act as I do.  Luna drinks greens juices, she eats spoonfuls of straight oil, she eats roasted garlic like popcorn and follows my lead – this has been before reaching 1 year old.

 We must place ourselves first, making you your number one investment. If we are not healthy, how can our children be? If we are not at our best, how can we take care of our children in the best way? If we lead unhealthy lives, what do you think our children will follow?



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