Nourishing body, mind, & soul.

Starting Early

on August 14, 2014

It’s never to early to start instilling the values you would like your children to possess.  I live a lifestyle of health – from daily workout routines to eating foods that nourish my body.  I send this message loud and clear on a daily basis to Luna.  I lead by example because I want Luna to follow my lead!  The environment we create for our children is what they will mimic and learn from – keep this in mind.  What we eat, they will eat; what we say, they will say; our actions will become their actions; our mannerisms will become their mannerisms; our work ethic will become their work ethic; our exercise discipline will become their exercise discipline; and so on… 

For example: I make sure Luna develops her muscles, coordination, balance, motor skills and all that is physical on a daily basis.  I let her climb and only spot her, I let her jump within reasonable height and only spot her, I let her hang and let her hold while letting her know it sat when she needs to let go, I let her run and jump, I let her use that body that needs to grow strong.

Another example:  Instead of buying sugar filled, store-bought ice pops; WE simply chopped and blended up watermelon and some other fruits, poured it into my Zoku mini ice pop maker and Luna now has a super healthy version of an ice pop! Simple, nourishing, and best of all yummy!

One more example:  No excuses, because it’s easy to make the right choice in the grocery stores.  There are ample, amazing and healthy snacks to choose from.  It’s all about choices we make in life – healthy or not… Here’s a great snack I recently picked up at Whole Foods the other day – Pulse roasted chick peas available in three flavors and all organic.


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