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Training My Favorite Body Part

on August 15, 2014

LEGS! Love, love, love training legs, this includes the butt and keeping it round!  My standing goal is to hit them three times a week.  I’ll go heavier with less reps or may go lighter with more sets and reps, and plyometrics are thrown in there along with foundation exercises that no one normally likes to do or does.   Here are some of the exercises in my arsenal for great legs and a bubbly buttocks…

GLUTE BRIDGES (one and two legs) to get that full butt muscle activation.  Some people have issues with the neuromuscular connection that prevents full muscle development and strength.  I do these on the floor with a 25-35lbs plate on my lower abs and hips for 4 sets of 20-25reps.

DEADLIFTS to pop those hamstrings and get that butt up.  I normally do a minimum of 4 sets with a rep range of anywhere from 10 – 15 depending on the day.

BARBELL and KETTLE BELL SQUATS to incorporate spinal stabilization and use the whole body.  I do a 30 rep warm up with just the bar and this does not count as a set. 

WALKING LUNGES (long step) gets that entire leg and butt.  Normally, I do 3 sets of 15 reps on each leg with 20lbs dumbbells.

LEG PRESS (MY FAV) I can go super heavy with this one, which is why I likey!  Warm up before first set is 30 reps at 90lbs.  I will do anywhere from 180lbs to 450lbs with varying reps of anywhere from 10-15.  I will do single leg as well because we all have imbalances.

BOX JUMPS are normally superset into my routines meaning I do them before or back to back with another leg exercise.  3-4 sets of 15reps.

Good old fashion CABLE KICKBACKS.  Love the way they isolate the glutes.  I’ll normally stick these in on a non leg day and do 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

RUNNING UP STAIRS (double steps) with 15lbs dumbbells.  This just creates a great looking leg.  Sometimes I will add these in on a non-leg day to get my heart rate up or superset.

GOOD MORNINGS and CLEANS the old fashion way.

SIDE BAND WALK is great in isolating that little glute medius muscle that NEEDS to be activated and give the glute max a rest.  My clients HATE this! Ohhhh wellll….

I can go on and on and on with leg exercises.  This is the basics of what I use and have many more. Just look at my past leg routines and I will post my next workout in the next few days.


Stay healthy, stay strong!


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