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Protein Raw Balls

on August 20, 2014

Every night around 10pm, I’m starving.  Why? My body requires fuel every 2 to 2 1/2 hours on the nose because my metabolism is fast due to my clean, frequent eating and consistent exercise.  Eating often throughout the day allows our body to be efficient, quicken its metabolism, and keep insulin levels even to prevent cravings.  Sooo, PLEASE do not skip meals, starve yourself, or try any quick fix diets because your sabotaging yourself.  There’s NO quick fix!  Eat clean and train hard is the magic potion!

To make these healthy, protein bites, I collected a few items I had on hand at home:

1 Vega Sport Performance Protein packet – vanilla

1-2 cups my homemade coconut yogurt (recipe on earlier posts)

1/4 cup Navitas raw cacao nibs

Mix protein powder and yogurt until you get a doughy consistency.  Roll into little balls and roll into cacao nibs.

refrigerate or freeze depending on preference.




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