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Post Dinner Exercise

on August 28, 2014



Pics in motion and with one hand – I wish they were clearer!  Anyways, so post dinner and pre-bedtime workout at home with my baby girl – no gym required here.  We normally tend to run circles around the table, the chairs, the entire apartment  – Luna chases me and pretends to get my tooshie, I do mean chase too!  She’s making me run!  

Tonight, Luna decided it was tricycle time.  She rode a bit up and down the hallways and then had me push her very fast – again, Luna had me RUNNING!  Luna then thought it would be fun to have me sit in a TWO year old’s tricycle… My funny child… Yes, I sat in the bike and yes, Luna pushed me up and down the hallways on our floor.  Both Luna and I, were very active for a good 30 to 40 minutes – perfect, to burn off some of those calories from dinner and aid digestion.

You see, exercise can come in any form and can be done in any place.  Just do it!








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