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Make Your Child’s Playtime Count

on September 8, 2014

I make it my priority to spend quality time with my daughter, Luna.  Not only do we play, but we learn at the same time.  I am always instilling some example of my lifestyle into Luna, whether it be exercising, making proper food choices or simply being polite and kind.  Her brain is a sponge and the time is now to set the foundation of a positive lifestyle that is healthy and happy.  It’s never too early to start!

Today at this playground pictured above, she strengthened her grip and upper body by holding onto the rings, promoted development of those little stabilizing muscles on the chains and ropes, strengthened the development of everything on the ropes, and always fun to be able to do pull-ups!


Over the weekend, we went to a nearby beach.  Luna always has a blast at the beach – what child doesn’t!?  It was low tide, so there happened to be little snails left behind by the receding tide.  I showed her that they were snails and explained to her what they are, let her touch and feel, and ask questions.  We collected them and then released them into the ocean.  We also found a crab, she had never seen one of these before either.  Again, a learning experience with the senses and the mind.  One last thing that Luna learned at the beach was what seaweed is; the colors it comes in, its texture and that it lives in the ocean.  

Always learning in life is a must for babies, children, and adults.  We must always be growing!


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