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Staring The Week With Chest and Shoulders Workout… Annnd Legs

on September 9, 2014



I started the week off with Shoulders and Chest… And I added some legs in there because I LOVE training legs.  No matter how tired I am or whatever craziness may be going on, I am committed and dedicated to my workout routine and my lifestyle.  There’s no quick fix!


Here’s my workout:

Warm up – stairclimber 10 minutes at level 12

Smith Machine Upright Row  5×10  * Superset *  Kettlebell One Leg Deadlift  5×15

Dumbbell Chest Press  4×10  * Superset *  Seated Front Raises  4×15

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press  3×15  * Superset *  Kettlebell Goblet Squat  3×20

Single Arm Lateral Raises  3×15  

Flyes  3×15  * Superset*  Kettlebell SUPER LOW Squat (butt to almost touching floor)  3×15

Cable Side Lateral Raises  4×15  * Superset*  Weighted Bridges (25lbs plate on hips)  4×25

 That’s all she wrote!







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