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Family Sunday

on September 14, 2014

Sundays are a day completely dedicated to my daughter, Luna.  We normally always go for a long walk, about 3 miles, where we feed ducks, get Starbucks for me and fresh squeezed orange juice for Luna and on the return she falls asleep.  


Towards the tail end of Luna’s nap, she got up from her stroller and plopped down onto my lap… Back to sleep on me… Although, I was starving and had to pee, I wouldn’t dare move to disrupt her sleep… Sacrifices we mommas make sometimes…


After a late lunch, Luna and I met her Grandpa at a local park.  Luna discovered moss! Touched it, felt that it was soft and green like grass, but it wasn’t grass.  She loves exploring new things and learning – her brain is a sponge and I try to let her learn as much as possible.  I try to teach Luna as much as possible as well… This is the time to do so!


Hope your Sunday was a happy and healthy one!


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