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Mix’n It Up – Full Body Workout

on September 15, 2014

Warm up: Foam roll EVERYTHING, 20 minutes on treadmill 12% incline/3.7 speed

All exercises below are 3 sets for 15 reps, unless otherwise noted. ONLY 30 seconds rest after each round.



Lat Pulldown 

Dumbbell chest press

Russian twists

Mountain climbers (60 seconds)


Straight bar bent over row

Cable one arm chest press

Goblet squats (20 reps on these)

Incline crunches with medicine ball toss


Single arm cable side lateral

Cable reverse flys

Mid cable chops

Running up stairs 2 at time (10 times-up n’ down counts as 1 time)


Assisted pull-up machine-close grip

Assisted machine tricep dips

Kettlebell front swings

Hanging leg raises


…That’s all she wrote!


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