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Fall Weekend Fun

on September 28, 2014

Change of seasons means change in activities for Luna and I.  The Fall still brings about many outdoor activities, especially with the weather being so amazing here in New York.  We started off the weekend by finding these huge yellow leaves that Luna collected and of course brought home.  Picking up leaves, not only is fun and engaging, it gets the little ones outside and helps develop those fine motor skills in their hands – you didn’t think of that, did ya??

Another great activity for the Fall is going to your local zoo.  We went to The Bronx Zoo this afternoon.  It was Luna’s first time here and she took it all in.  She got a kick out of these big worm statues – I think more than the animals! 

Then there’s our routine Sunday morning walk along the Bronx River path.  We walk about 3 miles, more or less, grab some fresh squeezed orange juice at Martine’s Bakery for Luna and a Starbuck’s for momma – it’s my weekend treat! 🙂

And last but not least, we went to the annual Hawk Fest at the Audubon Society in Greenwich, Connecticut.  It was a spectacular 80 plus degree day! This is an amazing place with tons of trails, a pond and today hawks, falcons and a huge Eagle Owl in the pic above.  There were also little critters like bearded dragons, tortoises, hedge hogs and little Luna even got to touch and hold a big boa constrictor.  Always a learning experience to be had in this world of wonder!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


One response to “Fall Weekend Fun

  1. 1006sasha says:

    You found the critter lady!!

    Have a happy healthy day! Sent from my iPhone Timamarie Guaglianone



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