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Keeping your Child Busy

on November 3, 2014

Rainy days and having a child makes a parent get creative.  This past Saturday, it was cold and wet outside.  A great go-to place is the local bookstore, Barnes & Nobles.  It’s amazingly kid friendly having tons of books to pick from and read there, creative & interactive toys to play with, a train table with Thomas The Train cars, and these very cute hand puppets (raccoons in garbage pail) Luna played with for almost an hour!  Oh yes, Starbucks too!!!


Another activity that Luna (now 2 1/2 years old) loves to do is putting puzzles together. Yes, there are puzzles for people her age.  I simply coach her and give her cues on how to put it together.  I give easy cues like look for same colors on pieces, look at the images on the pieces, explain that the cut out shape fits together with the shape that sticks out, etc… Believe me toddlers understand as long as you are patient and explain accordingly.  We do puzzles of 25 pieces and Luna does just fine with them.  I LOVE products from Jill McDonald, her stuff is amazing, colorful and fantastic for kids! These puzzles, other toys and books by her can be found at or


The old time favorite of dress up with mamma’s hats and a feather headpiece from Florence my aunt gave Luna.  This definitely makes time go by!


Then there’s drawing and painting… with feet as Luna likes to do from time to time!  Cooking and baking which exposes them to food preparation, healthy eating habits hopefully, allows them to taste different foods and feel different textures.  Indoor tricycle riding too!  Yes, the neighbors love this one! Oh well…. 


Annnnnd last but not least…. Just PLAY, PLAY, PLAY with ALL the toys in the house!  Sanity & happiness over order and neatness.





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