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Full Body Workout!

on December 14, 2014

This workout was off the cuff.  I had to hit multiple body parts because I didn’t get to them earlier in the week, so full body it was!

🌟Friday’s Workout!🌟

🔹Warm up – 2 mile interval run B.I.T.E. method
🔹🔹No resting until entire round complete
🔹🔹30-60 sec rest

🔹Bent over rows 3×12,12,10
🔹Bicep dumbbell curls 3×12,10,8
🔹Tricep rope extensions 3×12,12,10
🔹Seated leg press single leg 3×15 each

🔹Lat pulldown close grip 3×12,12,10
🔹Bicep EZ curl bar 3×12,12,10
🔹Tricep pushdowns 3×15
🔹Leg curls 3×15

🔹Cable reverse flys 3×15
🔹Cable chest press 3×12
🔹Cable donkey kicks 3×15
🔹Cable chops 3×15 each side

🔹Pullups 3×8
🔹Assisted Tricep dips 3×12
🔹Kettlebell one leg deadlift 3×15
🔹Rope ab crunch 3×25

Remember, ANYONE can do this.  Just work at your own pace and hit your own personal goals! Be the best YOU!


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