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Manuka Honey – Amazingly Different!

on December 15, 2014

I love this stuff, MANUKA HONEY, especially when I feel a little scratchiness starting in my throat- although very rare, I get sick once in a blue moon. I also bring out all my weapons to combat anything that is even going to attempt to get me ill! 💣👊  Keep in mind this honey is more expensive than your ordinary honey because of it’s special properties – Our health and well being is worth the extra cost… We should all be our  number one investment, no matter what!  If we are not up to par, then what good are we to everyone else, including our children…

🐝What is it?
Active Manuka Honey is a raw honey made by bees that feed off the Manuka Bush or tea tree in the East Cape region of New Zealand. It has a unique ingredient called methylglyoxol that is used as an antibacterial & healing agent. In lab tests, Manuka honey killed nearly every type of bacteria it was exposed to, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria called superbugs! Manuka Honey is rated by the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) scale, the higher the active ingredient (MG) the more healing property. Ratings should be 10 or higher for efficacy .

🐝What does it do?
🔸Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
🔸Heals wounds
🔸Acne treatment
🔸Gum disease fighter
🔸Sunburn treatment
🔸Acid reflux damage prevention & healing
🔸Digestive support
🔸Ulcer prevention & treatment
🔸Energy booster-Immune booster
🔸Reduces high cholesterol
🔸Eye, Ear & Sinus treatment
🔸Diabetes treatment
🔸Cancer prevention & treatment

🐝How to use it?
🔸Eat it as you would any other honey product – in tea, in yogurt, on bread or crackers, etc.
🔸Take a spoonful daily to boost immune system and prevent ailments
🔸Can be used a skin balm directly placed on a wound, bite, cut, infection, and even acne
🔸Take a spoonful orally 2-3 times a day to soothe and even prevent a sore throat
🔸Take a spoonful daily to soothe digestive tract and help heal and prevent ulcers as well as acid reflux
🔸Helps with post-natal healing inside and out (My Doula and Mid-wife told me this one as one of my remedies post birth)

🐝Top Best Rated Manuka Honey
🔸Wedderspoon Raw Organic Mauka Honey Active 16+
🔸Manuka Health Active MGO 400+ by Manuka Health New Zealand
🔸Wedderspoon Raw Organic Manuka Honey Active 12+
🔸East Cape New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF 15+
🔸Airborne New Zealand Manuka Honey
Haddrell’s of Cambridge 100% Raw Manuka Honey Active 16+
🔸Manuka Honey Active 15+ by Nelson Honey


** Please note, that babies under 12 months of age and younger should not be given honey due to spores that may cause botulism.



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  1. 1006sasha says:

    Been using it for a long time. Love it

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