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Yes! It’s Leg Day!

on December 30, 2014

Yesterday’s, Monday workout… Ohhhh yesss, it’s leg day! I saw Joe Donnelly’s post on Instagram this Monday morning and figured let me try something new and shock my body. Definitely challenging and ass whoop’n- loved it! Thank you Joe for your great workouts! This workout today is a repost of @joedonnellyfit on Instagram
✅Leg extensions 5×20 115lbs,115,115,115,110

✅Barbell squats athletic stance:
Sets of 20/18/16/14/12/10/8/6
(60 seconds rest between each set)

✅Barbell squats narrow- 8 reps (135lbs)
✳️Superset single leg squat with leg
behind you on chair, hold dumbbells or
barbell 12-15 reps each leg (20lbs DB)
(4 sets)

✅Superset straight leg deadlifts 10 reps
-With single leg Russian deadlifts 8 reps
(16kg kettlebell)
(4 sets)

✅Giant set-
-Barbell lunge 10 reps each leg (50lbs)
-With barbell on shoulders do 30 calf raises
-Then seated calf raises 20 reps (110lbs)
(5 sets)

✅Then I added 4 sets of glute bridges at
20 reps with a 35lbs plate on my hips

✳️There is an abs part, but I did strictly legs…

Just a little note, I woke up completely fine this morning (Tuesday) and as the day progressed, my legs grew more sore.  Yup, now I cringe to bend down… Ahh, the pain and satisfaction of a great, effective workout! 🙂 


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