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Someone’s Birthday Weekend!

on January 19, 2015

This past Friday was Luna’s 3rd Birthday! I can’t believe she turned 3… Where does the time go?! I remember her being born just yesterday…

I don’t do huge parties with tons of people, we keep it to just family.  Easy right? Well, we always end up having two parties, one for each side of the family, so everyone’s happy 🙂  Friday night we had a small get together and dinner with my side of family.  Luna loves her Uncle Dan and sticks to him like glue when he’s around.  It was amazing to see the difference in awareness and comprehension with Luna – this year she was SOOO excited about her birthday in comparison to last year.  What a difference a year makes!  We laughed, we played, we opened gifts and had a lot of fun!

Aaaaand party number two on Sunday afternoon with Luna’s dad side of the family.  Tons of fun for Luna to see her Aunt Lauren, Grandpa, Papa and all her relatives.  We ate MORE cake; opened more fun toys, books and arts and crafts; played with everyone, did some couch diving and running around the house A LOT!  Oh, and of course, Luna decided to sit in the container that’s suppose to hold blocks, but she pretended it was a bathtub 🙂  Ahhh to be three!

Both cakes were purchased at Martine’s Bakery in Scarsdale, NY.  They make amazing. amazing desserts and cakes.   My go-to cake place, ALWAYS.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Stay healthy, stay happy and remember there’s a balance to everything in life… Yes, we ALL ate some cake 😛

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