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Chocolate Whipped Cream … HEALTHY!

on February 26, 2015

Ok guys… I was playing around with what I had on hand in the kitchen and ended up making … Are you ready for this one?!? CHOCOLATE WHIPPED CREAM!!! You know me, it’s healthy of course 😉 and has no refined sugar or any crap like the store bought kind.   It’s challenging keeping a child on the path of whole foods and health amongst the sea of processed foods that’s promoted and stocked up throughout store shelves… I’m always thinking and planning ahead to make certain Luna knows the better choices and doesn’t live without deprivation.  Here’s how to make this ridiculously, insanely delicious whipped cream and can be used as frosting too.  This can even be used to top the brownies from the earlier post!

🌴1 can organic coconut cream (I use Native Forest – BPA Free)
🌴Place can in fridge overnight to condense
🌴1 tablespoon organic cocoa powder
🌴1 tablespoon organic raw agave

🌴Scrape out contents of canned coconut cream into blender
🌴Add remaining ingredients
🌴Blend for 2 minutes until fluffy
🌴Eat as is or place in fridge overnight to thicken
🌴This makes about 1 cup, so simply multiply recipe to make greater portions

Luna ate the the whole thing! 

Happy and healthy!


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