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Ice Cream You Can Eat Everyday!

on March 1, 2015

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I came home from work on Saturday to Luna with a 102F fever and no other symptoms.  I’m not one to administer baby motrin or baby tylenol due to the toxin content- that’s me and I am NOT a doctor.  I immediately rubbed 3 drops of Oil Of Oregano on the bottoms of her feet and covered them with socks.  Oil Of Oregano is a POTENT oil that pretty much kills EVERYTHING.  I also dabbed Lavender oil behind the lobes of her ears and gave her Peppermint tea with Manuka honey – All the above mentioned are known to help reduce fever and kill bacteria & viruses.  I will devote a post on fever reducers that are homeopathic and natural – stay tuned… I was not worried about the fever because Luna was happy, eating like a champ and drinking as usual.  I though she would like a yummy, refreshing treat; so we made some “nice cream” or “nana ice cream.”

🍌1 frozen organic banana
🍌 1/2 room temperature organic banana
🍓1 cup frozen organic strawberries
🍧Add 2 tablespoons of cashew milk or milk of choice (This is optional & I used homemade cashew milk)

🍧Add ingredients to a food processor or high speed blender like Vitamix
🍧Blend until smooth
🍧Eat as is or add your favorite toppings

Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself 😉




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