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Fun Ideas For Easter Baskets That Keep Your Kids Healthy

on April 4, 2015

🐰Happy Easter!  Just finished putting together Luna’s Easter basket before I go to bed.  I never put any kind of candy, chocolate or crap in there.  I get creative and truly think about what she would like and smile from.  I browse different stores like Marshall’s, Michael’s, Papyrus, Barnes & Nobles, even Mrs. Green’s and Whole Foods.  I gather ALL my stuff and a bunch of empty colorful & clear egg shaped containers I can fill with the goodies I’ve collected below…

🌷I add creative, arts and crafts things in the basket as well because Luna loves them.   I found a little ceramic turtle to color with pens and add stickers to, a wooden butterfly to color, and felt stickers to place ALL OVER the house…


🌸Aaannnd of course, I find a book that Luna loves…

🌻OH! And I just couldn’t resist these little guys …

I haven’t forgotten the eggs … I will have oils of them tomorrow! Hang in there! 😘

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