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Children and Obesity – A Great App That Helps!

on July 14, 2015

Nowadays, childhood obesity and poor eating habits is a growing global problem. This is due to global economic collapse, rising unemployment, government cutbacks, and strapped household budgets, families simply can’t afford healthy food options. Globally, an estimated 43 million preschool children (under age 5) were overweight or obese in 2010, a 60 percent increase since 1990. This problem affects countries rich and poor. From a global standpoint, 43 million overweight and obese preschoolers, 35 million live in developing countries. By 2020, a 9 percent of all preschoolers will be overweight or obese making it nearly 60 million children. Here in the U.S., as well as Brazil and China, the problem is growing more rapidly in children than the adult population! Why must this situation be brought under control? Aside from the emotional and social damages that comes from it; obesity harms nearly every part of a child’s body, from heart and lungs to muscles and bones to kidneys and digestive tract, and the hormones that control blood sugar and puberty. The odds are increased for an overweight or obese child having weight problems in adulthood, making them at risk for disease and disability later in life. What can be done to help control this crisis and teach our children to be conscious of the ramifications from poor eating habits? Well, it all starts from the home environment. Children see what the adults eat and will mimic the behavior, whether good or bad.  Educating children from the very start of eating about what is nutritious and helpful to their bodies as opposed to what is destructive and sickly. Awareness is a big factor as is understanding the good and bad foods.  Simply break it down to do you want to feel good/heathy or bad/sick?  A child DOES understand this. Nowadays, there are some great tools to help young children, teens and families along. Kurbo Helath is founded by Joanna Strober who herself struggled to find helpful tools to help her 13 year old son lose weight.  She took matters into her own hands and launched Kurbo, modeled after a pediatric weight management program at Stanford.  

Kurbo allows a child to have help with his or her nutrition throughout the day.  Kurbo uses a traffic light method that teaches what foods are healthy and nutritious, rather than counting calories which is not effective for children.  Foods are categorized by their nutrition value – red light is simple carbs and sugars, green light is vegetables and fruits, etc… This app focuses on children learning healthy habits to be carried through their adulthood. There are even coaches available to be assigned to each child, meeting via Skype or FaceTime; providing text, email and phone support; and just helping them feel good about themselves. This app makes it fun for a child to learn about healthy habits and reinforcing a healthy lifestyle through games, videos. and appealing images.

This program has proven to be successful with children using Kurbo, losing an average of a half a pound to one pound per week.  It’s also important to always have the parents involved, this just makes for a stronger success story with a child in all aspects of their life.  So, check out more details about the Kurbo Program!   Kurbo was kind enough to offer all of you a great promotion of 20%!  Enter code: TakeActionNow.

Stay happy, healthy and conscious of what foods you put into your body!

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