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Cool Treats For Hot Temps

on July 29, 2015

⭐️ Eating smart, eating healthy isn’t bland and it isn’t boring.  In fact, it can be sinfully delicious!  These star shaped ice pops are ALL healthy and completely nutritious for you!

⭐️First layer:
🔸1/2 avocado
🔸1 ripe banana
🔸1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
🔸Food process or mash until smooth
🔸Place this bottom layer into molds and freeze

⭐️Middle layer:
🔸Freshly ground organic almond butter or use brand of choice. I love Artisana or MaraNatha
🔸Spread over chocolate layer and place back on freezer to harden

⭐️Last layer (top in molds and bottom in picture)
🔸Homemade coconut milk, but you can use store bought
🔸Pour into molds and place back in freezer

⭐️I placed the bamboo sticks in after putting the almond butter layer in and gently twisted them into the chocolate layer

🍦It’s getting hot out there and what better to eat than ice cream! Of course, this is figure flattering, clean eating, healthy ice cream made with TWO ingredients! Ready?!…

🍦2 frozen bananas
🍦As much cacao chips as you want

🍦Slice frozen bananas, blend or food process until creamy
🍦Place in bowl and throw on cacao chips

That’s it! You can even make this into ice pops 😋💖

Aaaaaand the easiest of all is fresh, organic fruit on a stick! That’s it, no directions required.

💗Enjoy being healthy, nourished and happy!😘

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