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Mix’n It Up – Full Body Workout

Warm up: Foam roll EVERYTHING, 20 minutes on treadmill 12% incline/3.7 speed

All exercises below are 3 sets for 15 reps, unless otherwise noted. ONLY 30 seconds rest after each round.



Lat Pulldown 

Dumbbell chest press

Russian twists

Mountain climbers (60 seconds)


Straight bar bent over row

Cable one arm chest press

Goblet squats (20 reps on these)

Incline crunches with medicine ball toss


Single arm cable side lateral

Cable reverse flys

Mid cable chops

Running up stairs 2 at time (10 times-up n’ down counts as 1 time)


Assisted pull-up machine-close grip

Assisted machine tricep dips

Kettlebell front swings

Hanging leg raises


…That’s all she wrote!


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Staring The Week With Chest and Shoulders Workout… Annnd Legs



I started the week off with Shoulders and Chest… And I added some legs in there because I LOVE training legs.  No matter how tired I am or whatever craziness may be going on, I am committed and dedicated to my workout routine and my lifestyle.  There’s no quick fix!


Here’s my workout:

Warm up – stairclimber 10 minutes at level 12

Smith Machine Upright Row  5×10  * Superset *  Kettlebell One Leg Deadlift  5×15

Dumbbell Chest Press  4×10  * Superset *  Seated Front Raises  4×15

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press  3×15  * Superset *  Kettlebell Goblet Squat  3×20

Single Arm Lateral Raises  3×15  

Flyes  3×15  * Superset*  Kettlebell SUPER LOW Squat (butt to almost touching floor)  3×15

Cable Side Lateral Raises  4×15  * Superset*  Weighted Bridges (25lbs plate on hips)  4×25

 That’s all she wrote!






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Make Your Child’s Playtime Count

I make it my priority to spend quality time with my daughter, Luna.  Not only do we play, but we learn at the same time.  I am always instilling some example of my lifestyle into Luna, whether it be exercising, making proper food choices or simply being polite and kind.  Her brain is a sponge and the time is now to set the foundation of a positive lifestyle that is healthy and happy.  It’s never too early to start!

Today at this playground pictured above, she strengthened her grip and upper body by holding onto the rings, promoted development of those little stabilizing muscles on the chains and ropes, strengthened the development of everything on the ropes, and always fun to be able to do pull-ups!


Over the weekend, we went to a nearby beach.  Luna always has a blast at the beach – what child doesn’t!?  It was low tide, so there happened to be little snails left behind by the receding tide.  I showed her that they were snails and explained to her what they are, let her touch and feel, and ask questions.  We collected them and then released them into the ocean.  We also found a crab, she had never seen one of these before either.  Again, a learning experience with the senses and the mind.  One last thing that Luna learned at the beach was what seaweed is; the colors it comes in, its texture and that it lives in the ocean.  

Always learning in life is a must for babies, children, and adults.  We must always be growing!

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Post Dinner Exercise



Pics in motion and with one hand – I wish they were clearer!  Anyways, so post dinner and pre-bedtime workout at home with my baby girl – no gym required here.  We normally tend to run circles around the table, the chairs, the entire apartment  – Luna chases me and pretends to get my tooshie, I do mean chase too!  She’s making me run!  

Tonight, Luna decided it was tricycle time.  She rode a bit up and down the hallways and then had me push her very fast – again, Luna had me RUNNING!  Luna then thought it would be fun to have me sit in a TWO year old’s tricycle… My funny child… Yes, I sat in the bike and yes, Luna pushed me up and down the hallways on our floor.  Both Luna and I, were very active for a good 30 to 40 minutes – perfect, to burn off some of those calories from dinner and aid digestion.

You see, exercise can come in any form and can be done in any place.  Just do it!







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Working Your Butt

How do you get your butt to be high, round and bubble-like?  Well, FIRST you must have proper glute activation.  If your glutes aren’t firing properly, then you will not get the results you are working towards.

One of my favorites for activating glutes is the basic and foundational exercise of glute bridges seen in the first pic.  I make it my own version by adding a 25lbs-35lbs plate on my lower abs and hips.  However, if you are a beginner simply stick to the bridges and focus on really contracting those glute muscles at the top of the lift, even hold it for a 3 second count.  I normally do 4 sets of 25 reps.

My second exercise that I like to throw in on a non leg day is single leg push downs on the assisted pull-up/dip machine.  This isolates your glutes so well and you can hit the heavy weights on these 🙂  Again, I do 4 sets of 20 reps or more.

Of course, there are sooooo many exercises out there and will give you more in posts to come.

Stay strong in body and mind!


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Playground Workout

Don’t have a gym? Well, that’s no excuse not to exercise.  Don’t have time? Hmm, that’s no excuse either.  Today, Luna and I went to a different playground and found all sorts of fun things to play with and exercise with.  We did box jumps on platforms (she did them on the floor), hanging from the rings doing pull ups (Luna needed a little help 😉 ), we ran laps around the entire play ground as I chased Luna or she chased me, and above you see us doing push ups.  Remember, we are our children’s example.  What we do, they do.  What we eat, they eat.

Keep moving, stay healthy, be happy!

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Protein Raw Balls

Every night around 10pm, I’m starving.  Why? My body requires fuel every 2 to 2 1/2 hours on the nose because my metabolism is fast due to my clean, frequent eating and consistent exercise.  Eating often throughout the day allows our body to be efficient, quicken its metabolism, and keep insulin levels even to prevent cravings.  Sooo, PLEASE do not skip meals, starve yourself, or try any quick fix diets because your sabotaging yourself.  There’s NO quick fix!  Eat clean and train hard is the magic potion!

To make these healthy, protein bites, I collected a few items I had on hand at home:

1 Vega Sport Performance Protein packet – vanilla

1-2 cups my homemade coconut yogurt (recipe on earlier posts)

1/4 cup Navitas raw cacao nibs

Mix protein powder and yogurt until you get a doughy consistency.  Roll into little balls and roll into cacao nibs.

refrigerate or freeze depending on preference.



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Training My Favorite Body Part

LEGS! Love, love, love training legs, this includes the butt and keeping it round!  My standing goal is to hit them three times a week.  I’ll go heavier with less reps or may go lighter with more sets and reps, and plyometrics are thrown in there along with foundation exercises that no one normally likes to do or does.   Here are some of the exercises in my arsenal for great legs and a bubbly buttocks…

GLUTE BRIDGES (one and two legs) to get that full butt muscle activation.  Some people have issues with the neuromuscular connection that prevents full muscle development and strength.  I do these on the floor with a 25-35lbs plate on my lower abs and hips for 4 sets of 20-25reps.

DEADLIFTS to pop those hamstrings and get that butt up.  I normally do a minimum of 4 sets with a rep range of anywhere from 10 – 15 depending on the day.

BARBELL and KETTLE BELL SQUATS to incorporate spinal stabilization and use the whole body.  I do a 30 rep warm up with just the bar and this does not count as a set. 

WALKING LUNGES (long step) gets that entire leg and butt.  Normally, I do 3 sets of 15 reps on each leg with 20lbs dumbbells.

LEG PRESS (MY FAV) I can go super heavy with this one, which is why I likey!  Warm up before first set is 30 reps at 90lbs.  I will do anywhere from 180lbs to 450lbs with varying reps of anywhere from 10-15.  I will do single leg as well because we all have imbalances.

BOX JUMPS are normally superset into my routines meaning I do them before or back to back with another leg exercise.  3-4 sets of 15reps.

Good old fashion CABLE KICKBACKS.  Love the way they isolate the glutes.  I’ll normally stick these in on a non leg day and do 4 sets of 15-20 reps.

RUNNING UP STAIRS (double steps) with 15lbs dumbbells.  This just creates a great looking leg.  Sometimes I will add these in on a non-leg day to get my heart rate up or superset.

GOOD MORNINGS and CLEANS the old fashion way.

SIDE BAND WALK is great in isolating that little glute medius muscle that NEEDS to be activated and give the glute max a rest.  My clients HATE this! Ohhhh wellll….

I can go on and on and on with leg exercises.  This is the basics of what I use and have many more. Just look at my past leg routines and I will post my next workout in the next few days.


Stay healthy, stay strong!

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You Are What You Eat And So Is Your Child


 Above was my dinner tonight, roasted Brussel sprouts, grilled chicken, red and white quinoa with cucumbers and tomatoes…. Wellll, I didn’t exactly get to eat it.  My little Luna saw my plate on the table, took a seat and began to eat everything on the plate.  Only 2 1/2 years old, Luna eats healthier than most adults who know better.  Why?  I have instilled and enforced the lifestyle of a healthy, fit, well nourished person.  Why start from the time our children are born… actually, while they are in the womb!?  Luna likes ALL the foods I ate while I was pregnant with her!

Lifestyle plays a tremendous role.  If a parent chooses to lead a lifestyle of eating fast food,  frozen foods, processed foods, take out foods; this is what the child knows and will continue this unhealthy lifestyle.   He or she does not know any better.  He or she does not know of healthy eating, eating what grows from the earth, eating what properly nourishes our bodies. We, as adults, are their guide, their teacher, their mentor.  If we merely talk about healthy eating and healthy living, and do not enforce it by action, then it is futile. We must talk the talk and walk the walk.

 I will give you a personal example. I gave birth to my daughter, Luna, two years ago.  I made her food from scratch and still do, I made her nut milks and still do, I give her healthy foods grown from the earth, I give her what is in its most natural state, I give her healthy oils and fats, I give her what will nourish her body and developing brain best.   I lead this lifestyle and instill it in her by acting upon it and leading by example.  I do as I say and act as I do.  Luna drinks greens juices, she eats spoonfuls of straight oil, she eats roasted garlic like popcorn and follows my lead – this has been before reaching 1 year old.

 We must place ourselves first, making you your number one investment. If we are not healthy, how can our children be? If we are not at our best, how can we take care of our children in the best way? If we lead unhealthy lives, what do you think our children will follow?


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New Workout Routine – Legs

I’m completely changing all of my workouts to build lean muscle.  What I did today, took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish! … I haven’t spent this much time at the gym in one session in a long time, probably since my late 20’s – early 30’s! Jeez!  

Here’s what I did...

HIIT 10minutes on stair climber, level 11

20 minutes on treadmill, incline 8%/speed 3.6


  • Barbell Squats – warm up w/ 30 reps, 4×10
  • Weighted Walking Lunges – 3×15 each leg
  • Barbell Deadlifts – 4×15
  • Plie Dumbbell Squat – 3×15
  • Lying Leg Press – warm up w/ 30 reps, 4×20
  • Lying Leg Curls – 3×15
  • Leg Extension – 5×10
  • Bench Step Ups – 3×15
  • Seated Calf Raises – 3×25


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