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Someone’s Birthday Weekend!

This past Friday was Luna’s 3rd Birthday! I can’t believe she turned 3… Where does the time go?! I remember her being born just yesterday…

I don’t do huge parties with tons of people, we keep it to just family. ¬†Easy right? Well, we always end up having two parties, one for each side of the family, so everyone’s happy ūüôā ¬†Friday night we had a small get together and dinner with my side of family. ¬†Luna loves her Uncle Dan and sticks to him like glue when he’s around. ¬†It was amazing to see the difference in awareness and comprehension with Luna – this year she was SOOO excited about her birthday in comparison to last year. ¬†What a difference a year makes! ¬†We laughed, we played, we opened gifts and had a lot of fun!

Aaaaand party number two on Sunday afternoon with Luna’s dad side of the family. ¬†Tons of fun for Luna to see her Aunt Lauren,¬†Grandpa, Papa and all her relatives. ¬†We ate MORE cake; opened more fun toys, books and arts and crafts; played with everyone, did some couch diving and running around the house A LOT! ¬†Oh, and of course, Luna decided to sit in the container that’s suppose to hold blocks, but she pretended it was a bathtub ūüôā ¬†Ahhh to be three!

Both cakes were purchased at Martine’s Bakery in Scarsdale, NY. ¬†They make amazing. amazing desserts and cakes. ¬† My go-to cake place, ALWAYS.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Stay healthy, stay happy and remember there’s a balance to everything in life… Yes, we ALL ate some cake ūüėõ

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The Holidays Are Over!

Christmas is a fun time and a tiring time. ¬†Too much running around and throws my little girl’s schedule off, which makes my life even more challenging – with that said, I’m glad they are over! ¬†Here’s a peak of our¬†experiences…

Christmas Eve we went out to dinner with my mom, Luna, my brother in the pic above, and his girlfriend’s family. ¬†Always challenging attempting to have Luna sit for ANY period of time. ¬†Pulled out the arsenal of stuff – crayons, coloring books, stickers, even a present. ¬†Luna was great for the most part, until she threw a sticker into the table’s water bottle (got it in first try too! lol) and when she started running laps around the table after eating a piece of my brother’s birthday cake (gluten free trio mousse cake from Martine’s Bakery)… Oh and when she pulled her pants down and took her diaper off because it was wet (we are practicing potty training). ¬†We all had some laughs and no one was hurt!¬†

My mom does the tree outside on the terrace – she likes it there and it makes her happy… Christmas morning, Luna didn’t even look for presents because she doesn’t understand the whole concept just yet, so I we were able to eat breakfast normally – phew… She did get very excited and open her bin of play food first. ¬†She played with this for a long time and was perfectly content – kids don’t need a ton of things to be made happy! ¬†She does love her kitchen, dog in a carrier, green frog, books and a ukelele! All in all, it was a great experience for Luna – I’m a happy momma ūüôā

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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Spectacular Light Displays And The Train Show

Living in Lower Westchester County, there’s some great places to go experience holiday fun. ¬†The above pictures are from 155 Vaneck Drive in New Rochelle. ¬†So fun for Luna and the best thing is she can go up and touch some of the displays. ¬†There are scenes from Santa’s Workshop, displays with Sesame Street characters, a scene from the Arctic with polar bears and penguins, and soooo much more. ¬†A must see if you’re in the area! ¬†Lights on from 5:30pm-11pm.

Another great place is 21 North Kensico Avenue in White Plains, known as the North Kensico Christmas Light Show.  There are four houses on the block decorated to the max.  The lights are even synchronized to music on radio station 107.7FM.  Lights on 5:30pm-11pm.

One more great light display is 58 Gedney Park Drive in White Plains. ¬†This is where penguins, polar bears and a row of toy soldiers line¬†the front lawn. There’s also Mickey Mouse, the Grinch and other childhood¬†characters. ¬†Along the¬†driveway you’ll see¬†Santa and his reindeer, along with thousands of lights, holiday music and even a blowup snow globe.


An amazing display at The New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NY Рflowers, plants, trees and 150 replicas of famous NYC landmarks along a quarter-mile track that these model trains zoom by. 

Luna with one of her favorite people in the whole wide world, “Nanni”, my mom ūüôā

Luna observing the trains and pointing out the train she is about to¬†derail! …

“Momma stand back”… “way over there” … yup, so she can derail the train…

Here she goes… Yes, she derailed a train car and almost an entire train! I didn’t have time to take a pic of the poor derailed train car because I had to leave the scene of the crime! Shhhhhh….¬†

Happy Holidays! 

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Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween to everyone! ¬†Some parents worry or cringe at the thought of all the candy that’s going to be collected and eaten! ¬†EEK! ¬†Not me ¬†ūüôā ¬†As most know, I instill a healthy lifestyle into Luna as much as I possibly can. ¬†These little ones are NEVER to young to teach what healthy living is. ¬†Above you can see Luna’s reaction after I explained to her what exactly trick or treating was – she knows all too well that we don’t eat candy and said BLEH… That’s my girl! ¬†


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Weekend Fun In The Haunted Pumpkin Garden

Sundays are a day I completely devote to my baby girl, Luna. ¬†No exceptions. ¬†Today, we met Luna’s Grandparents and Aunt Lauren at the NY Botanical Gardens to go see The Haunted Pumpkin Garden exhibit. ¬†It’s a great display of fun, creativity and imagination for kids and adults. ¬†Luna had a blast and we all got our exercise in chasing her! ¬†There was even a display in the Bronx Pond with a serpent made entirely of pumpkins – amazing stuff! ¬†If you live in this area, definitely try to get down here and enjoy this exhibit

Happy Weekend!


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Afternoons At The Greenburgh Nature Center

One of mine and Luna’s go-to places is The Greenburgh Nature Center because it’s less than 10 minutes away. ¬†It’s an amazing nature preserve tucked away amongst the hustle and bustle of Lower Westchester. ¬†There’s an amazing playground, walking trails, falcons, owls, bald eagles, farm animals, reptiles, a vegetable garden, and much more. ¬†The best part, is that it takes me away from my stresses and gives me some quiet time to not think. ¬† Annnd most importantly, it makes Luna happy! … The other day Luna picked the beans from the garden – oooops… shhhhh…


Today, Luna gathered the fallen leaves from a nearby tree that the goats and sheep find very tasty! ¬†We¬†figured out a fun¬†system for Luna here, goats and sheep eat leaves and chickens eat the grass… Even though, you’re NOT suppose to feed the animals…. ¬†It’s all good family fun ūüôā


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Family Sunday

Sundays are a day completely dedicated to my daughter, Luna.  We normally always go for a long walk, about 3 miles, where we feed ducks, get Starbucks for me and fresh squeezed orange juice for Luna and on the return she falls asleep.  


Towards the tail end of Luna’s nap, she got up from her stroller and plopped down onto my lap… Back to sleep on me… Although, I was starving and had to pee, I wouldn’t dare move to disrupt her sleep… Sacrifices we¬†mommas¬†make sometimes…


After a late lunch, Luna and I met her Grandpa at a local park. ¬†Luna discovered moss! Touched it, felt that it was soft and green like grass, but it wasn’t grass. ¬†She loves exploring new things and learning – her brain is a sponge and I try to let her learn as much as possible. ¬†I try to teach Luna as much as possible as well… This is the time to do so!


Hope your Sunday was a happy and healthy one!


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Sunday With Luna

I love Sundays, not because I get to sleep in because that NEVER happens. ¬†After Luna finishes her morning breakfast and drinks her homemade cashew milk, we¬†go for our 3 mile walk down the Bronx River path. ¬†It’s beautiful, relaxing, I get my exercise and have fun with my girl. ¬†I take her to a little place called Martine’s Bakery in the Scarsdale Village that makes blueberry iced tea – Luna loves it and so do I. ¬†On the return walk back home, we feed ducks and Luna falls asleep – I will stroll outside with her until she wakes. ¬†Lunchtime by then and then we head back out. ¬†We end the day after bath and dinner with bubble blowing on the balcony – tonight Luna decided to wear her pink boots!¬†

Happy, healthy Sunday!

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Where To Go with A two Year Old

Yes, I am still doing this challenge. ¬†Today was an off day for both me and my girl, Tina. ¬†Circumstances beyond our control – the child! ¬†Sooo, I’m writing about the beautiful day it was … Luna and I decided to go to The Greenburgh Nature Center. ¬†Amazing property for kids to run and for us adults too – keep moving, right?! ¬†Here are some pics from today ūüôā

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Me, Two Years After Luna’s Birth

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