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Want To Run Stronger, Faster and More Fit?!

I’m usually not one to take classes at the gym I go to – It’s just not my thing, nothing against them.  However, last week was the first time I took a Precision Running Class at Equinox and I LOVED it!  I took it again this week and already improved from last weeks class as you can see from pic 1 to pic 2.  I’m also not that cardio girl either and I’m doing this workout, so ANYONE can do this.

What exactly is this Precision Running?  It’s a treadmill workout developed by running coach David Siik using the BITE Method  – Balanced Interval Training Experience, meant to make you run correctly, be injured less and burn more.   An equal emphasis is split between aerobic and anaerobic forms of interval training so your body stays healthy during the workouts.  The workout involves speed work and distance work, but not at the extremes.  It uses the right intervals at the right speeds and you systematically build up your speed through each workout.

Why take this class?  If you’re having problems breaking a plateau, to try something new in your routine, to challenge your body and mind, to feel great.  All I can say is that it kept me on the treadmill for almost an hour and it went by fast! You bet I’ll be there next week!

Keep moving!


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