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Brownie Bites – HEALTHY!

Hellloooo! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and got some down time from the week.  My only day off is Sunday and I devote that entire day to Luna.  After our Whole Foods outing to get Luna her favorite drink, Mamma Chia Blackberry Hibiscus, we made these amazing morsels.  Yes, I know you’re thinking black black beans and chocolate – yuck…. Ohhhh nooooo, quite the opposite!  These brownies are amongst the moistest, richest, chocolatey tasting ones I have had.  I wouldn’t be posting the recipe if it wasn’t delicious!  These Black Bean Brownies are unbelievable and you would NEVER know it’s beans in there – give it a try! 😋👌💖👍

▪️All ingredients organic
▪️1 can or tetra box of black beans rinsed
▪️2 tablespoons cocoa powder
▪️1/2 cup rolled oats
▪️1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)
▪️1/2 cup raw agave or maple syrup
▪️1/4 cup coconut sugar
▪️2 teaspoons vanilla extract
▪️1/2 teaspoon baking powder
▪️3 tablespoons cashew milk (use nut milk of your choice)
▪️1/2 cup cacao chips or semi sweet chocolate chips
▪️Preheat oven to 350F
▪️Add rolled oats, cocoa powder, baking powder to food processor and pulse until it becomes a fine flour
▪️Add all remaining ingredients, EXCEPT cacao chips and mix until batter thickens and smooths
▪️Fold in chips
▪️Lightly grease 8×8 baking tin with coconut oil and pour batter in, smooth out
▪️Bake for 15-20 minutes
▪️Let cool for 15minutes before cutting into square bites because they’re super soft


Hope you enjoy these guiltless bites! 😚

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Yummy Energy Bites!

Helllooooo! I’m back! I hope you’re all doing great!!!  I definitely was not planning on not posting a thing for this long.  After Luna was sick with a high fever, I ended up getting hit with some ridiculous bug knocking me out for this long – ugh!  It started with my throat, but I managed to make that go away with various gargling of oil of oregano and alternating sea salt, along with drops of oil of oregano under my tongue.  But then, I woke up last Wednesday feeling like I got hit by a truck – severe exhaustion, fever, freezing chills, no appetite… I went to bed the entire day! This is highly unlike me because I am never in bed during the day and I always eat!  Ok, so I listened to my body and rested (not an easy task for me who is on the go ALL the time)…  Next day, no voice, I still had chills and fever – I went to work because I had to.  Next few days I had barely a voice, I had barely eaten a thing, still had chills and fever and now came the cough… This cough did not go away like the cough at a tail end of a cold.  Nooooo, this cough turned into bronchitis – yes, this is why I was sooo exhausted and had these crazy chills.  Needless to say, I did have to get antibiotics because even I know when to draw the line and not play with fire – pneumonia is not something I wanted this to turn into either!  I trippled up on my probiotic and will remain to do so for the next 2-3 weeks to maintain and establish my good gut flora because antibiotics destroy bad with the good.  I am on the mend and will be posting from this point on – I’m still not 100% and have yet to be back to my normal eating regiment.  I have definitely lost weight and muscle, which is sooo aggravating.  I know people try to lose weight, but not me – I want to look and feel strong and not be a skinny, little thing!   However, there’s that little thing called muscle memory which will allow me to gain back any losses sooner than later… Patience always, because you never know what life will throw your way 😉

I ALWAYS have a stash of these or other combination of ingredients in my fridge. Why?? Because it’s an amazingly, clean, healthy, satisfying bite of sweet energy without any crap. Great for us big kids and great for the little ones! Bliss balls, raw balls, power-balls, energy balls, energy bites or whatever you want to call these… It’s the same yummy snack! Here you go!

💟All ingredients organic

💟1 cup raw almonds
💟1/4 cup raw pistachio nuts
💟1 tablespoon raw sunflower seeds
💟10 Medjool dates soaked for 2-4 hours
💟Shredded coconut unsweetened
💟Place nuts in processor and pulse for 30 seconds
💟Add dates and pulse until a ball forms
💟To make a raw ball, scoop out about 1 tablespoon (more or less) and roll into ball
💟Place shredded coconut into a plate
💟Place cinnamon into another plate
💟OR you can combine the two
💟Roll balls into coconut and cinnamon until completely coated all around
💟I made plain ones, ones coated with only coconut, ones coated with only cinnamon and ones coated with both
💟Place in sealed glass container and freeze
💟Now go snack 💖

Who cares if you eat 10 or more – they’re nuts & dates!

Happy and Healthy! 💖

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In Home Workouts With Amazing Workout Bands

There’s truly NO EXCUSE not to workout.  The marketplace is flooded with all sorts of accessories for in-home, outdoors, on-the-go, studios, gyms, etc… (click on this link to go to their website) was kind enough to send me these great bands which come with accessories that are interchangeable, so you can perform an incredible array of different exercises right in your home or even when you’re traveling.  There’s ankle cuffs for leg exercises that typical resistance bands do not have – LOVE this!  There’s a door anchor that allows you to do chest press, back rows, flys, donkey kicks, led extensions and so much more!  These bands are also made with clasps on each end of the bands in order to make EVERYTHING interchangeable – LOVE this too!  They come in all levels of resistance, from light to heavy.  I found that this particular set of bands allowed me to do so many more exercises than the normal resistance band.   What’s also great about Workoutbands is that there is exercise directory right on its website for you to access at the tip of your fingers – doesn’t get easier than that!  Below are pics of the Complete Workout Set for you to get an exact idea of what these bands are like.  They come in convenient tote to carry and store too.   I am also using them in the above pictures to perform the tricep kickback exercise.

Below are more exercises you can do right in your home, office or hotel room!

Again, there are no excuses if you truly want to transform your life and make a change, just do it!

Happy and Healthy!

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Just Do It! Today’s Treadmill Running Class

Anyone CAN DO anything they choose to do, anything they put their mind to do, anything they desire to do… Running is a challenge to me because it’s not what I normally do or am used to.  I choose to do this Precision Running class once a week because it challenges me, it pushes me, it makes me feel uncomfortable, it gets me out of my box.  It’s also amazing to see great improvements in speed, endurance and agility… It’s pretty damn cool!  So, if there’s something you have been wanting to try, just go for it!  Push that fear out of the way!

Here’s todays workout.  It’s a little tricky, so please feel free to contact me with any questions 🙂

💢Round One
▪️90 minute intervals with 60 seconds rest
▪️Start 3 miles below your 1 minute max
▪️My 1 min max is 8.0, so I started at 5.0

1⃣Interval 1:
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.0 speed (1.0 mph faster) next 30 sec
🔹Add 1% incline for last 30 seconds
Rest 60 sec I walked at 3.6 speed
2⃣Interval 2:
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.2 speed (add 1.2 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 2% incline for last 30 sec
Rest 60 sec
3⃣Interval 3:
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.4 speed (add 1.4 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for last 30 sec
Rest 60 sec
4⃣Interval 4:
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.6 speed (add1.6 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 4% incline for last 30 sec
Rest 60 sec
5⃣Interval 5:
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.8 speed (add 1.8 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 5% incline for last 30 sec
Rest 60 sec
6⃣Interval 6:
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹7.0 speed (add 2 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 6% incline for last 30 sec

▪️2 min rest transition

💢Round Two
1⃣Interval 1
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.0 speed for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for next 35sec –
🔹Increasing speed by .5 mph for last 5 sec
🔹(Ending my speed at 6.5 mph)
Rest 60 sec – I walked at 3.6
2⃣Interval 2
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.2 speed (add .2 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for next 40 sec –
🔹Increasing speed by .5 mph for last 10 sec
Rest 60 sec
3⃣Interval 3
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.4 speed (add .4 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for next 45 sec –
🔹Increasing speed by .5 mph last 15 sec
Rest 60 sec
4⃣Interval 4
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.6 speed (add .6 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for next 50 sec –
🔹Increasing speed by .5 mph for last 20 sec
Rest 60 sec
5⃣Interval 5
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹6.8 speed (add .8 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for next 55 sec –
🔹Increasing speed .5 mph for last 25 sec
Rest 60 sec
6⃣Interval 6
🔹5.0 speed for 30 sec
🔹7.0 speed (add 1.0 mph) for next 30 sec
🔹Add 3% incline for next 60 sec –
🔹Increasing speed .5 mph for last 30 sec
🔹(My ending speed 7.5 mph)
🏁Finished 🏁


Running Class!

I’m not a cardio person, I’m a weightlifting girl.  However, I love this precision running class to the point that I am dedicated to taking it once a week.  It’s challenging and it takes me out of my comfort zone. I have even gotten anxiety before taking a class! We need to get out of our box, get out of our comfort zone, in order to grow.  Try out something new that you normally wouldn’t.  We grow through experience 🙂

Here’s how the run went! The speeds below are what I did.  You can change it to work for you! 

1⃣Round 1⃣
▪️Start 1 mile below 60sec max
▪️(I started 2 miles below)
▪️Resting at least 50% of max speed
🔺3% incline, 6.0 speed for 60 sec
🔺Resting 3% incline 3.6 speed 60 sec
🔺4% incline 6.0 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 4% incline 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺5% incline 6.0 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 5% incline 3.6 speed
🔺5% incline 6.0 speed 60sec
🔺Resting 5% incline 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺6% incline 6.0 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 6% incline 3.6 speed 60 sec
🔺7% incline 6.0 speed 30 sec
🔺Resting 7% incline 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺7% incline 6.0 speed 60sec
☑️☑️Transition 2 min break do what works for you. I walked 3.6 speed on a flat
2⃣Round 2⃣
▪️2 miles below 1 min max – No incline
▪️Resting at least 50% of max speed
🔺6.0 speed 60 sec
🔺Resting 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺6.5 speed 30 sec
🔺Resting 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺7.0 speed 30 sec
🔺Resting 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺7.0 speed 60 sec
🔺Resting 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺7.5 speed 30 sec
🔺Resting 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺8.0 speed 30 sec
🔺Resting 3.6 speed
🔺8.0 speed 60 sec
☑️☑️Transition 2 min
▪️2 miles below 1 min max
▪️Resting at least 50% of max speed
🔺1% incline 6.0 speed 60 sec
🔺Resting 1% incline 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺2% incline 6.5 speed 30 sec
🔺Resting 2% incline 3.6 speed
🔺3% incline 7.0 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 3% incline 3.6 speed
🔺3% incline 7.0 speed 60sec
🔺Resting 3% incline 3.6 speed
🔺4% incline 7.5 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 4% incline 3.6 speed 60sec
🔺4% incline 7.5 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 4% incline 3.6 speed
🔺5% incline 8.0 speed 30sec
🔺Resting 5% incline 3.6 speed 60 sec
🔺5% incline 8.0 speed 60sec

Be the best you you can be!

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Two Meals In One!

The other night, dinner was two sides combined into one meal. Roasted Brussels sprouts & sautéed garbanzo beans. I already had the beans made from the day before, so I just had to roast the Brussel sprouts… Easy and sooo delicious!

1⃣ Brussels sprouts –
🔺clean and cut off stems
🔺place in a bowl and completely coat with extra virgin olive oil
🔺sprinkle garlic powder
🔺place on baking sheet or aluminum tin
🔺bake for 45 min at 400F

2⃣ Garbanzo beans –
🔺you can use canned or dried
🔺I used dried – soak for 24hrs then drain
🔺boil until tender – about 90 min
🔺if using canned rinse and boil for 5 min
🔺(save a 1/2 cup of the water from boiling)
🔺finely chop 1/4 cup onions
🔺finely chop 2 cloves of garlic
🔺finely chop 1/4 cup fresh parsley
🔺 generously coat pan with extra virgin olive oil
🔺sautèe on low heat, onions, garlic and parsley for about 7 – 10 minutes
🔺a splash of white wine (optional)
🔺combine garbanzo beans, a 1/2 cup of the saved water from the boiling and the sautéed mixture. Mix well.

3⃣ Combine
🔺add both garbanzo beans and Brussels sprouts to same plate.
🔺eat up and enjoy!

***For babies in their 6+ month, you can purée this in a food processor. Filled with tons of nutrients for developing babies!

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Someone’s Birthday Weekend!

This past Friday was Luna’s 3rd Birthday! I can’t believe she turned 3… Where does the time go?! I remember her being born just yesterday…

I don’t do huge parties with tons of people, we keep it to just family.  Easy right? Well, we always end up having two parties, one for each side of the family, so everyone’s happy 🙂  Friday night we had a small get together and dinner with my side of family.  Luna loves her Uncle Dan and sticks to him like glue when he’s around.  It was amazing to see the difference in awareness and comprehension with Luna – this year she was SOOO excited about her birthday in comparison to last year.  What a difference a year makes!  We laughed, we played, we opened gifts and had a lot of fun!

Aaaaand party number two on Sunday afternoon with Luna’s dad side of the family.  Tons of fun for Luna to see her Aunt Lauren, Grandpa, Papa and all her relatives.  We ate MORE cake; opened more fun toys, books and arts and crafts; played with everyone, did some couch diving and running around the house A LOT!  Oh, and of course, Luna decided to sit in the container that’s suppose to hold blocks, but she pretended it was a bathtub 🙂  Ahhh to be three!

Both cakes were purchased at Martine’s Bakery in Scarsdale, NY.  They make amazing. amazing desserts and cakes.   My go-to cake place, ALWAYS.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Stay healthy, stay happy and remember there’s a balance to everything in life… Yes, we ALL ate some cake 😛

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Yes! It’s Leg Day!

Yesterday’s, Monday workout… Ohhhh yesss, it’s leg day! I saw Joe Donnelly’s post on Instagram this Monday morning and figured let me try something new and shock my body. Definitely challenging and ass whoop’n- loved it! Thank you Joe for your great workouts! This workout today is a repost of @joedonnellyfit on Instagram
✅Leg extensions 5×20 115lbs,115,115,115,110

✅Barbell squats athletic stance:
Sets of 20/18/16/14/12/10/8/6
(60 seconds rest between each set)

✅Barbell squats narrow- 8 reps (135lbs)
✳️Superset single leg squat with leg
behind you on chair, hold dumbbells or
barbell 12-15 reps each leg (20lbs DB)
(4 sets)

✅Superset straight leg deadlifts 10 reps
-With single leg Russian deadlifts 8 reps
(16kg kettlebell)
(4 sets)

✅Giant set-
-Barbell lunge 10 reps each leg (50lbs)
-With barbell on shoulders do 30 calf raises
-Then seated calf raises 20 reps (110lbs)
(5 sets)

✅Then I added 4 sets of glute bridges at
20 reps with a 35lbs plate on my hips

✳️There is an abs part, but I did strictly legs…

Just a little note, I woke up completely fine this morning (Tuesday) and as the day progressed, my legs grew more sore.  Yup, now I cringe to bend down… Ahh, the pain and satisfaction of a great, effective workout! 🙂 


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My Pre Thanksgiving Workout and Healthy Desserts

The day before Thanksgiving I started my day like I normally do with 5 egg whites, greens tea with turmeric & ginger, blueberries & pineapple, and sweet potato chips.  I really try to keep my eating consistent no matter what comes up in life or what holiday comes around because there is NO SUCH THING AS A DIET.   I worked with some of my clients to prepare them for their eating fest tomorrow and sat down with some of my nutrition clients to help guide them – it’s all about balance/moderation and allowing yourself to eat treats, just not all the time.  I even had one of my nutrition clients lose 2 pounds after less than a week of sitting down with her and tweaking her daily meals – so exciting and helping others is what truly makes this job fun – oh, and kicking someones butt too 😉  

Pre-work out shake today was my favorite clean plant-based protein powder with homemade almond milk, cinnamon, acai powder and half a banana.

Today’s pre turkey day workout my my favorite Precision Running Treadmill class! ANYONE can do this class, everyone works with their own capabilities. It’s fun, goes by fast and you get an insane workout!  I also did some abs after class – cable chops, Russian twists, incline crunches, decline reverse crunches.

Then tonight Luna and I made these amazingly delicious raw cacao and coconut balls for tomorrow!  Eat up because they are healthy!

1 cup Medjool dates

1 cup raw organic Brazil nuts

1/2 cup raw organic almonds

1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract

1/2 cup organic unsweetened coconut flakes

Combine all ingredients except coconuts in a food processor until mixture balls up

Take 1 tablespoon scoop of mixture for each ball and roll up into ball, then roll into coconut flakes to coat

Place in a glass container and freeze or refrigerate depending on your liking

And last but not least… We made these bad boys last night.  Yup, “ice cream” sandwiches, the healthy version!  ***Recipe on earlier posts**

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t forget to be grateful for all the positive things in your life!


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