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In Home Workouts With Amazing Workout Bands

There’s truly NO EXCUSE not to workout.  The marketplace is flooded with all sorts of accessories for in-home, outdoors, on-the-go, studios, gyms, etc… (click on this link to go to their website) was kind enough to send me these great bands which come with accessories that are interchangeable, so you can perform an incredible array of different exercises right in your home or even when you’re traveling.  There’s ankle cuffs for leg exercises that typical resistance bands do not have – LOVE this!  There’s a door anchor that allows you to do chest press, back rows, flys, donkey kicks, led extensions and so much more!  These bands are also made with clasps on each end of the bands in order to make EVERYTHING interchangeable – LOVE this too!  They come in all levels of resistance, from light to heavy.  I found that this particular set of bands allowed me to do so many more exercises than the normal resistance band.   What’s also great about Workoutbands is that there is exercise directory right on its website for you to access at the tip of your fingers – doesn’t get easier than that!  Below are pics of the Complete Workout Set for you to get an exact idea of what these bands are like.  They come in convenient tote to carry and store too.   I am also using them in the above pictures to perform the tricep kickback exercise.

Below are more exercises you can do right in your home, office or hotel room!

Again, there are no excuses if you truly want to transform your life and make a change, just do it!

Happy and Healthy!

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