Nourishing body, mind, & soul.


“Vanessa is by far the best trainer I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with many over the years.  My goals are overall conditioning, weight control, increased flexibility and strength for golf and skiing, and to increase my energy level throughout the day.  Our workouts are always balanced – heavy weights, light weights, compound movements and lots of stretching.  Vanessa also knows a lot about nutrition and has helped me think about my eating habits. Specifically, what to eat before and after my workouts.   On top of all of that, she is a lot of fun to be with, but always pushes me through my paces and somehow gets me to exert myself five times more than I could possibly do on my own.  Vanessa also leads by example; she is one of the fittest people I’ve ever met.  Her exercise demonstrations inspire me to attempt half of what she can do… and that’s saying a lot.   Vanessa is the total package.  I can’t more highly recommend her, especially if you’re serious about getting in shape.  Sign her up, you’ll thank me later.  Just don’t take my time slots!”

Jeffrey Fastov

Scarsdale, NY

“I have worked with Vanessa for the past four years. She is extremely knowledgeable with her exercise routines and helpful nutrition ideas. Instead of dreading going to the gym, I actually look forward to my twice weekly sessions with her. I feel so much better and am amazed at how much stronger and toned I am. “


Bronxville, NY

“Over the past decade, Vanessa has conditioned me to achieve my personal goals of completing marathons, triathlons and many events.  She has helped me through small injuries, providing the right amount of stretching, therapy and strength training, so I can get back out there to compete. As a woman over 40, Vanessa knows how to push me to continue to challenge muscles to stay tone and strong!”  

Oonagh Puglisi

Greenwich, CT

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